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Pearls of Tomorrow” (நாளைய முத்துக்கள்), tailored to create a sustainable platform to support Indian children in the Tampa Bay area, regardless of regional, language, and religious boundaries. 

Our Vision

To enrich and support Indian children in their transformation to community ambassadors

Our Mission

Identify, nurture, and maximize Indian children’s potential to achieve their dreams via sustainable mentorship and scholarship





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This program is open to Indian children grades K-12 residing in the Tampa Bay area who are:

Execution Plan

Any brand new initiative like this one requires a great deal of time, careful analysis, and proper setup to ensure not only sustainability but also the opportunity for growth and evolution. As such, we plan to roll-out the program in a phased manner, beginning with 2018-2019 academic year and continuously evolving and expanding the program over the next several years.

Selection Criteria for 2018-2019 Academic Year:

To enable us to stand this program up, for the first year, we are contemplating that eligibility will be limited to children who are part of at least one of the Tamil associations in the Tampa Bay area. Selection criteria will broadly be based on identifying children who exemplify our vision via: